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Nov 8, 2012 4:55am EST
tired. >>> five things you want to know on thursday. jesse jackson will be in town today. the leader will be the keynote speaker during a rally at city hall. and join the concerned members and to talk about youth civil rights in the city of baltimore. the main issue is the money being allocated to build a new jail for youth charged as adults. >>> what does it mean for baltimore and the planned casino. and executives will answer that question. and more this afternoon. the group meets at monaco. >>> and discussing kidnappings. baltimore new commissioner and the county's chief james johnson will talk about the joint investigation. two men have been arrested as a result. >>> baltimore county is holding a health fair this is for children this evening. it is happening at lock raven. so the fair features mental health services and resources for families. a panel will discuss bullying and take questions on the topic. >>> jermaine jackson asked the courts to let him change his name. he wants to be jermaine jackson but he wants it spelled jacksun on the end. the older brother wants
Nov 6, 2012 4:55am EST
that faith would be protected anuld change the beliefs. >> all right ezekiel jackson thanks for come it's early. i appreciate your time. thanks for coming. >> >> thank you. >>> another world trade center memorial is going to reopen in new york city. this is happening today. and the water rushed into lower manhattan. we are looking at the site right now where that water has been pumped out. now parts of the visitor center around private entrance room for the victim's families they were damaged by four feet of water. some completely under water. construction there so the museum was damaged as well and the storm spared the core of the memorial. reflective fountains. those were arranged by the names of those who passed away. now of course, new york is keeping a close eye on the weather and so are we because it's about to change with the potential of getting nasty. let's go over to meteorologist lynette charles and see what we have in store. >> all right. let's talk about how cold it is this morning. because this is first and foremost as people are waking up this morning. we can see the temp
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2